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Sue Johanson

Category Descriptions:

Anal - Anything designed specifically to stimulate the anal region.

Bachelorette Party - Wild party supplies for that wild night.

Body Jewelry - It's time to accessorize with our collection of nipple rings, belly button rings and more.

Bondage / Restraint - Whips, chains, paddles, cuffs, masks, belts... everything you need to discipline your lover.

Butt Plugs - A specific kind of anal toy that... well...

Cock Rings - Rings that go around your penis to help maintain an erection and prolong sex as well as stimulate your partner.

Dildos / Dongs - Your basic non-vibrating penis-shaped sex toy, but ours come in all shapes and sizes.

Educational Books - Learn all about sexual technique.

Educational Videos - For those of us who are visual learners.

Eggs / Bullets - Small, discreet, vibrating toys great for travel or under the counter fun.

Extensions - Hey... every little bit helps.

Games - A great way to spice up a romantic evening or entertain your friends.

Love Kits - Complete kits for novice to advanced lovers.

Lubricants - Good ole fashioned lubes as well as flavored lubes for all night action.

Masturbators - Life-like feeling orifices with which to masturbate.

Novelties / Toys - Gag gifts, candy, hats, penis-shaped water guns, and tons of other funny things.

Oils - Massage oils.

Penis Pumps - Devices for helping increase the size of a penis.

Pills, Drinks, Creams - Lotions, potions, pills and aphrodesiac secrets to enhance your sexual experience.

Sensual Attire - Edible clothing, lingerie, buttless pants, rubber shirts and more.

Sex Dolls - Sex on demand.

Vibrators - Anything that vibrates, penis-shaped or not.

Wands - A long handle with a vibrating egg on the end, for those hard to reach spots.


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